Dulce Salazar – Yapa Kindergarten Başarı Hikâyesi

Company Name: Yapa Kindergarten
City: Istanbul
Duration: 23.08.2015-01.06.2016
Department: English Teacher

“Make your choice and be the change you want to see in the world. Go out of your comfort zone because an amazing experience is waiting for you!”

My name is Dulce Salazar, I am from Mexico and I am 22 years old. I graduated from university last year. I’m a bachelor of Arts in English Language. I used to be TLP oGIP AIESECer back in Mexico, I helped some university students to take an internship, so I decided that it was my opportunity to live an amazing experience. When i decided to apply in the Global Talent program I was pretty sure the best place I could go was Turkey. Turkey is an amazing country with a wide range of cultural diversity, I was fascinated with its ancient history, so I decided that I wanted to learn more. Istanbul is the best city for me because it is divided by the Bosphorus, it represents the connection between two different continents and two different parts of the city. At the beginning, I was very scared because I was in a different country far away from home and I didn’t speak Turkish at all! When I arrived at the airport an AIESEC member was waiting for me to take me home, she was so kind to me and I have the opportunity to spend some time with her family,that was my first time experiencing Turkish culture closely. It was very easy for me to get used to living in Turkey since Turkish people are friendly, kind, and warming.12112280_10207062347631233_4663219428519156865_n Language is not a problem to spend good time with them, and any time I need it, there is always someone close to help me. Now, I work as an English teacher in Yapa Kindergarten. My kids are 4 years old, they are very smart and energetic, we spend great time together. The school is very nice and I have everything I need to deliver my English classes. I live with a host family, in this case, my boss. I have my own bedroom and bathroom I have to say the house is very beautiful and big. Additionally, there’s a swimming pool, garden, terrace and tennis court. I have everything I need at home and my host family is always taking care of me. I love them! As me, there are other interns from all around the globe working here in Istanbul. They are from Brazil, Tunisia, China, Korea, Ukraine, USA, Serbia, Colombia, Philippines, etc. We use to hang out on weekends, and we like to share our cultures too. I also have many Turkish friends, they show me both European and Asian side and take to the historical places in Istanbul, they also tell me what I need to know about Istanbul and they even teach me some Turkish. This have been an amazing experience, it is better than I expected, I really love this place, Turkish culture is full of surprises so there are many things that you can learn. I also think this is the best way to experience a personal and professional growth.

“Make your choice and be the change you want to see in the world. Go out of your comfort zone because an amazing experience is waiting for you!”
Just go and experience Turkey!

 Dulce Salazar

Denisse Aldvidrez – Alaaddin Adworks Başarı Hikâyesi

“I don’t even know how to begin to describe my experience about my six-months internship in Istanbul. First of all the city amazed me like I never though It would, it’s beautiful, huge, multicultural, mystical and magical. My work place was pretty nice and the description of my job was exactly what I was looking for, as a graphic designer my portfolio expanded in an incredible way, having the reference that now I have by working in Istanbul, I know will open way more doors for me than before. 11796196_10154064257873294_3733652657411478458_nOn the time that I lived in Turkey I broke my own walls down, I learned from so many cultures and so much history, I challenged myself in understanding and tolerating things that were completely out of my comfort zone. I got the opportunity of start again in a new place where no one knew me, I could be anyone I wanted to, and I ended up being more myself than I what have been all my life. Now I, not only know, but confirmed, that I am capable of reaching any goal I put on my path. This experience was life-changing, being able to live and work in a culture like the turkish one is something I can’t describe in words I just can recommend… to live it.”

Denisse Aldvidrez