Global Talent

Global Talent

Get an advantage to own company at global market place with international talents.

Easy Hiring Process

It is easier to raise an international talent with us than hiring from the local market. We customize our recruitment process to make it easier for you to hire your international skills.

International Perspective in Your Company

Behind every successful company innovating is a diverse global workforce. With the Global Talen program, you can globalize your company and get interns from around the World.

Global Teacher

With international young talents, you can develop your company according to new trends and Y generation. Dynamic and highly motivated young people will increase the energy in your company.

Global Teacher

Global Teacher

Add passionate international talent to learn and contribute to your stand-up.

Easy and Affordable Recruitment Process

You can meet your short term talent needs with international talents with different youth and dynamics.

Activate Youth

You can provide learning opportunities for young people who want to improve your start-up.

Improve Your Workspace

You can improve the working environment of your start-up with high potential and enthusiastic young people.

Global Volunteer

Global Volunteer

Make a local impression through young volunteers from around the World.

Global Point of View

Our volunteers who care about the world’s problems improve your team with their multicultural and innovative features.

Easy Processes

AIESEC not only provides volunteers with its global network, but also supports them and you throughout the process of getting used to their country and culture.

Make a Positive Impact

The positive impact and intercultural interaction you want to create in the community will be easier than ever with passionate and willing volunteers.

International Worker Support Process

Keep the time for yourself and reach the candidates from the right source in the easiest way.

  • You meet with AIESEC

    We come to your visit and determine the job descriptions together with the needs of your company. We take all your expectations.

  • Candidate Search

    In order to reach the right person according to the demands of your company, we show you in AIESEC system and start to receive applications.

  • Interviews

    When necessary, trainees are guided through preliminary interviews and interns are targeted in accordance with the job descriptions of the company.

  • Visa and Legal Process

    With AIESEC invitation letters and consular meetings, visa procedures are now more convenient. Employees who come under the name of Special AIESEC Employee Visa are exempt from working permits for 1 year.

  • Worker Support Process

    The necessary equipment and regular physical meetings are held by AIESEC officials for their employees to survive what we call cultural shock.

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