What is Global Host?

Global Host's objective is to help young people's accommodation who comes to Turkey from different countries, different cultures, while they spend their own time in Turkey. Every year from several countries, above 2000 cultural ambassadors become volunteer at social responsibility projects or do long-short term internship at Turkish companies, between 3-52 weeks. With Global Host, you can get chance to improve your foreign languages, meet with people who comes from abroad, introduce your own culture to them by hosting them minimum 3 weeks at your house.

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Termly Global Host

Short Term Global Host

Short Term Global Host is the program that you can be host min 3 max 6 weeks for foreign students who come to Turkey in order to participate social responsbility projects for 6 weeks. Foreign students participate Global Volunteer projects that is run at Turkey in order to develop their own personal growth and contribute Sustainable Development Goals which are created by UN. You can also take a step and share your culture and home with them, making friends from different countries and cultures. Since young people work in our country as a volunteer, no fee should be charged for their stay.

Long Term Global Host

Long Term Global Host is the program that hosting students who come to our country to do their own long internship at corporate firms . In order to develop own personal growth and contribute corporate firms, foreign students do long term internships for 8-52 weeks. You could improve your English, get a chance to know new cultures, and gain different perspectives by being host to those students. If you select that program, the students who you host, cover the rent which is set before.

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