To be a part of AIESEC, is to enter a big community of young leaders who are global thinkers. Young people who take the advantage of AIESEC's membership opportunity develop their own potential by working voluntarily and have a positive impact on society. As a young generation, we have the chance to create a livable world full of opportunities. Today's young population, on the other hand, needs international perspective, practical experience and leadership skills.

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Find your potential!

Find Your Potential

Our intensive team-based experience will give you personal and professional skills in an environment that allows you to grow.

Earn Lifelong Connections

By joining AIESEC, you become on efor more than 40.000 members around the World. Connect with young people who are sensitive, passionate and mindful of global challenges.

Make An Impact On The World

As a member of AIESEC, your actions have a direct impact on people around you. From influencing your teammates to manipulating change in your communities, you get opportunities to shape the World.

What will you gain?

You empower yourself and the people around you by interacting with young people from around the world who come together to serve a greater purpose then themselves.

Volunteering abroad is not an easy experience; with this experience, you learn to be solution-oriented

Leaving your comfort zone and seeing more of what you hear will open up new worlds for you. You will discover your values and increase your personal awareness.

Volunteering to the solution of world problems, seeing your impact in real-time, will make you realize that you can really change the world. You will take the first step to become a sensitive world citizen.

What Can You Do?

AIESEC is a non-governmental organization and a non-profit association. Each AIESEC team and member plays a role in creating our youth leadership movement for the world. Learn more about our membership departments!

  • Customer Experience for Youth

    Support young people in your city to connect our experiences abroad. You will work with overseas AIESEC offices and the leadership development model to help them make the most of their experience.

  • Customer Experience for Companies

    Work in the sales department for local companies or organizations. You manage corporate relationships, learn about how organizations work, and help your trainee move into your city.

  • Marketing

    Create strategic campaigns using your creativity and analytical skills to attract our ideal customers to our products. You can perform customer analysis and brainstorming and collaborate to accomplish them.

  • Human resources

    You will follow the development of our members. You will design training development plans, monitor performance, and celebrate success. You will be able to closely monitor and report human development.

  • Finance

    It plays a critical role in ensuring the effective and efficient execution of our operational strategies. You will monitor the financial situation, provide investment strategies, ensure that we comply with laws and internal policies, and ensure that we do sustainable business in the future.

AIESEC Membership in 3 steps

1.Sign Up

After completing the application form on our website, you will be contacted for the meeting and interviews when it is time to recruit members.


After you submit your application, you will be invited to the interview by the AIESEC branch you applied for. During the interviews, your personal competences and skills are evaluated by AIESEC officials.


You will then be placed in a team by the AIESEC branch in accordance with your competence. As soon as you are placed in one of the teams, your leadership development is monitored by the branch manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no need to pay anything for membership.


No, membership is not required to use (benefit) from international exchange programs.


Only your age must be between 18 to 30 years to become a member.


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